Stopping the Violence

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A non-judgmental, safe environment for women to explore their own experiences.

  • Provides  counseling for women who have experienced violence in relationships, childhood abuse, or sexual assault, to help them deal with the trauma of the experience
  • provides counseling for women who currently experience or have previously experienced abuse in an intimate adult relationship and/or who were sexually abused as children
  • Individual counseling is provided at no cost to women. Staff have specialized training and experience to provide support and advocacy. Priority is based on the safety needs of the women.
    Counseling addresses issues including:
    • Recognizing and understanding the dynamics of abuse
    • Exploring the impact of past and current abuse
    • Self-care
    • Learning new coping and assertiveness skills
    • Strengthening self-confidence and self-worth
    • Developing a safety plan
  • Support groups, are offered on a regular basis. Groups focus on understanding violence and dynamics of abuse, safety and safety planning, boundary setting, coping with stress, healthy relationship choices, and self-esteem
  • Tailored information, resources and court support and referrals.
  • Referrals

Funded by the Ministry of Justice – Victim Service and Crime Prevention


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