Community-Based Victim Services

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Community-Based Victim Service program (CBVS) addresses the unique needs of victims of family and sexual violence. In order to access our services, you may or may not have reported an offense to the police.

We accept self-referrals; you may call us during office hours to speak directly to a victim support worker, or leave a message during non office hours.

Our staff offers support and assistance to female, male and child, victims and/or survivors of:

  • relationship violence
  • child sexual abuse
  • adult sexual abuse
  • sexual assault
  • elder abuse
  • criminal harassment (stalking)

We are also able to assist non-offending family members and related witnesses in criminal court cases. It is our belief that through respect, empowerment and knowledge, victims and survivors of crime can reach their optimal level.

Emotional Support

Emotional abuse, relationship violence and sexual assault are characterized by unique dynamics of power and control. We will assist you in identifying your strengths in coping with challenges, as well as support you in making your own decisions. We take a non-judgmental and empathic approach with all survivors of crime. We will also help you develop a plan suited to your unique needs.


The legal system may leave you feeling overwhelmed. Understanding your role in the process can be empowering. We can help you gain a better understanding of the criminal justice system as it relates to your situation by providing information about:

  • dynamics of abuse
  • explanation of arrest and charges
  • your rights and rights of the accused
  • Victims of Crime Act
  • roles of justice system representatives
  • levels of court and court procedures
  • updates on your police and/or court files
  • protective orders
  • probation and parole

Practical Assistance

In order to ensure you feel supported and aware of your options, we are able to assist you with the following practical tools:

  • developing a safety plan
  • accompaniment to report a crime to police
  • accompaniment to meeting with Crown Counsel
  • explanation of Victim Impact Statement
  • assistance with Crime Victim Assistance application
  • orientation and tour of the court-house
  • accompaniment to court
  • assistance in securing translator
  • referrals to community programs


Staff is familiar with agencies both within and outside the community and can offer referrals according to your needs. We may also refer you to related services within our Agency

For more information or assistance call 250-832-0005 or email

Funded by the Ministry of Justice – Victim Service and Crime Prevention

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