Children Who Witness Abuse

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Witnessing violence in the family has a traumatic effect on children. When children witness abuse, they can suffer from anxiety, depression, a loss of self-esteem, emotional trauma, and even a reduced ability to trust. These and other problems can have important and negative affects on the way they perform in school, and their ability to relate to their friends and bond with family members.

This program provides:

  • One-on-one counseling for children ages 3-18
  • Children and Youth Support Groups
  • Parental/Guardian support for children exposed to violence
  • Violence is Preventable School Program
  • Bullying workshops
  • Parenting information
  • Referrals

The CWWA program offers individual and group counseling provides in a safe, supportive and fun environment to:

  • Let youth/children know that they are not alone.
  • To provide an opportunity to share thoughts and feelings
  • To develop an understanding that they are not at fault
  • To increase self-esteem
  • To explore beliefs about violence
  • To teach problem solving skills
  • To define teen dating violence
  • Express feelings in a healthy way
  • Understand that they are not responsible for the violence
  • Develop a safety plan
  • Identify support networks
  • Recognize their strengths and increase their self-confidence
  • Identify cycles of violence
  • Explore myths about violence and violence in the media
  • Improve school performance and social skills
  • Develop strong conflict resolution skills

Children and youth sometimes need help understanding their experiences and developing the skills and capacities that will enable them to deal with their histories in healthy ways. Kids can be helped too.

Funded by the Ministry of Justice – Victim Service and Crime Prevention

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