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BC Society of Transition Houses Resource with up-to-date listing of Transition Housing, Second and Third Stage Houses, Safe Homes, Children Who Witness Abuse Programs and “other groups which serve the needs of women and their children fleeing violence.” www.bcsth.ca Ending Violence

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Checklist-When You Leave You Will Take

For a downloadable copy of a customizable checklist of items you will take with you when you leave and to record important phone numbers you will need >> Click here

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Your emotional well being

Remember that not all these ideas will be right for you……you will use this list to help you build your own Personal Safety Plan. You may choose some of these actions, and/or you may think of some that aren’t here. 

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If you are a teen in a violent relationship

If things in your relationship don’t feel right to you, talk about it with someone you trust. Decide which friend, teacher, or relative, you can go to in an emergency. Memorize their phone numbers and program them into your cellphone.

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Your children’s safety

The best thing your children can do for you and themselves during a violent episode is to get away and protect themselves. Make a plan for what your children should do if they see you being abused – make sure

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Safety on the job

Be sure that your supervisor and immediate colleagues and building security are aware of your danger. Provide them with a photo of your partner and any identifying information you may have. Your supervisor may wish you to have a group

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Safety while travelling

Vary your travel routes to and from work. Keep a map in your car and pre-plan routes to prevent having to leave your vehicle to ask for directions. Vehicle doors should always be locked and windows open only to less

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Safety throughout the day

A comprehensive safety plan covers all your regular activities. This includes time spent in the home, in the car or on public transit, in the homes of friends and relatives, at work, and in public places such as shopping malls.

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Safety through sharing

One of the best safeguards you may take is the difficult step of sharing your experience and your need for safety with those people who surround you in your life. The following suggestions may be helpful: Sharing information with your

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Safety when preparing to leave

Identify who would let you stay with them or lend you some money. Always try to take your children with you or make arrangements to leave them with someone safe. Leave money, an extra set of keys, copies of important

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